The Pawa 254 Film Forum is committed to showcasing independently produced, often non- commercial work that has little opportunity of reaching the general public; highlighting social, political, cultural and historical realities.

We seek to provide a unique, engaging, creative and entertaining experience for both a public and online audience in examining films, documentaries and big ideas of our day, bringing together artists, film enthusiasts, students, professionals, government leaders and public intellectuals in a dynamic setting that is spirited, enriching and alive.

We hope to become the premiere choice for exhibitions of independent, experimental, and progressive cinema in the region.

The Pawa 254 Film forum seeks to also showcase alternative media. By featuring the voices and visions of truly independent media artists from Kenya and beyond, we will aim to expose diverse audiences to a range of artistic expressions, cultural perspectives and critical inquiries.

To support and encourage quality productions of diverse independent media art, we also seek to provide the inspiration, models, and information necessary for the production and distribution of new work through forums such as post-screening Q&As, screenings and special events.

These activities could possibly stimulate dialogue between social and professional networks of media and new media artists.


The Pawa 254 Film Forum allows you to connect with other professionals, film makers, enthusiasts and students, as well as discuss productions, quality, and all aspects of the films and how they affect society and influence the artistic imagination.

The Film Forum is open to everyone and is intended to be enjoyed by all those who appreciate art, culture, and ideas. We hope to provide public programming that is dedicated to intelligent, stimulating, thought-provoking, and entertaining talk. This happens every Wednesday from 6.00pm to 8.30pm at the Pawa 254 Hub.

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