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PAWA Initiative is a Non-Profit established in Kenya in 2009. It is Kenya’s unique art and cultural collaborative hub that houses, fosters and catalyzes creative and community-driven projects for social change. The acronym “PAWA” is Swahili corruption for “power” while”254” is Kenya’s international telephone code.

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Call For External Auditor

EXTERNAL AUDIT OF PAWA INITIATIVE’S FINANCIAL STATEMENTS  TERMS OF REFERENCE TABLE OF CONTENTS     Contents Background. Objective of the Audit. The Audit Report and Management Letter. Auditor Independence and Qualification. Access to Facilities and Documents. Auditor Experience & Qualification. 1. Background PAWA INITIATIVE is a collaborative arts and culture

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Mukuru Promotion Center (MPC)

By Juliah Atieno Mukuru Promotion Centre (MPC) is a church based charitable organisation domiciled in Nairobi, Kenya. It is headquartered in South B, Nairobi, situated along Likoni Road 1.5 Km off Mombasa road, bordering Mukuru Kayaba slum on the far end. It was founded by Catholic Sisters of Mercy in

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