Corruption is bleeding Kenya Dry

The Mirror Without a Reflection

Corruption is bleeding Kenya Dry
Corruption is bleeding Kenya dry

“I really want to be like that Mr. I want to earn that respect and I will make sure it comes to pass”, these are words I do not utter anymore.

I see a Kenya just after independence. I hear  the voices of Kenyans celebrating freedom, excited to be part of a great journey and  though they know it shall not be  easy, each believes it will be full of Justice and Freedom

For the Artist, it is expected to be the undying nonpartisan voice that would speak out to all and give guidance, for through arts and artists, we could see and hear ourselves even long after we have talked, healthy, strong, visionary words embodied  in sculptures, songs, drawings, dances and theatrical acts. All forms of art would speak and shape the nation that was always ready to suck in the good advice that was passed through this strong medium of communication.

Little of this exists today, the arts is infected and artists affected, slowly getting sick from within, changing the habits, changing friends, changing its much adored words, changing the direction of its reach. The dance, the tune, the acting was too good that we could laugh and dance and even frown deeply, sunk in what was good.

Our sickness has reduced arts and artist to likes, views, retweets and wealth regardless of what we put out for consumption by the public, having so much power on people’s will knowingly or unknowingly.

Wake up my fellow men on this great ship of arts and artistry. Don’t lose sight for your words and works of your hands has immense power that can never be left untamed and if so then we are all killing the future in  most careless ways. Now moving forward is the time to take back control of our own minds, tongues, pieces of arts for the wide opening is like a dry bush that we cannot play in with splints of fire, tribalism, crime, unemployment, nepotism, incompetence, corruption,

If we the artists wake up, we can all see and get back to the roads that leads to happiness, unity, growth and prosperity as a nation. For Kenya to remember that we did fight for freedom. 

The arts will live through generations free like the air we breathe and thus we need not to be contaminated but to be the oasis of life, unity and growth for all young and old. God bless Kenya.

Javan is a community organizer from Dagoretti, phase three.The story is his contribution to  the Emerging Voices Initiative, that seeks to nurture a formidable community of Organizers and Activists.

Javan Ofula

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