Poor infrastructure in Dandora

Poor Infrastructure in Dandora

By Andrew Myendo

Growing up, Dandora was a functioning estate with amenities in place ranging from street lights to garbage disposal systems. The community was well organized such that the garbage was placed strategically in one place unlike today where you find it everywhere.  Houses where build according to then standards.

Public open spaces were very much alive and children would not hustle to locate playgrounds. As the population grew, infrastructures stalled and the once upon a time glory of Dandora changed. Going down memory lane when things like the Dandora dumpsite was started, garbage collection became an eyesore.

Things like insecurity grew, people began being mugged during broad daylight. The county government formerly known Nairobi City Council paved way for landlords to build houses anyhow occupying the available open space that they could find.

As a resident of Dandora, I believe that my community can still claim back its lost glory through the housing department of Dandora. This is a department under the county Government of Nairobi which is mandated to collect land rates here in Dandora.


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