Dandora Stadium

By: Calvin Onyango

Dandora stadium was established by the late Member of parliament for Embakasi Mugabe Were. The residents of Dandora were so elated when they heard of the news that Dandora stadium was going to be constructed modelling the FIFA standards.

Not long after on 25th May 2018, the construction works began and was envisioned to last six months. Two years later, residents are still practicing patience and holding on to hope. After all, eighty-five percent of the work was already done.

The constructor has since left the site. Construction works on the stadium has stalled with works done last in September. This led to them being flagged by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission officials for allegedly using sub-standard materials in construction. This stadium has robbed people of their talent and opportunities due to corruptions allegation.

On Tuesday 6th October at mid – morning around three hundred concerned citizens and residents of Dandora who included youth, women and children had a peaceful demonstration in Nairobi town at the county government office to demand for better and to get answers on why the development works on the stadium have not been completed.

Javan the poet, convener for arts for social justice said with a lot of concerned “There has not been legal re-dress and we have been given nothing so today we are here to know if the dandora stadium will be opened, when will it be opened. If the money was stolen let’s name the thieves, we cannot afford the luxury of time since we have spent over three hundred million and youths are dying every day, business are closed. If we won’t get the answers we are seeking today, then we will have no choice but to open the stadium and start using it as a community”

For the past two years some Dandora officials tried seeking for answers as to why the stadium came to a halt. They visited County government offices but their efforts bored no fruits. The Demonstration was Organized by the Dandora Stadium committee in partnership with Dandora Community Justice center accompanied by the area MCA Dandora phase two Silas Matara.

Dennis Godfrey the chairman of the Stadium said with much concerned “We have visited different offices in Nairobi County including the Office of the President and EACC, we also came to Mohamed Badi but no one has addressed us.

“The only thing we came here to do is to claim our rights as the people of Dandora and its very bad “vijana wa dandora wakiuliwa” every day and the social center they are supposed to use is not working. All we are saying is the one in charge to accomplish the task at hand so that the youth of dandora can use the space”

After few hours outside the Governor’s office Dr Mark Leleruk came to address us. “Your grievances have been heard and we are going to sit down with the team to ensure the stadium is completed. The mandate is under the county government of Nairobi” In conclusion we were given two weeks for the stadium to be completed.


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