Art Over Politics for Youth Development

By Moses Okoth

The 2013 and 2017 elections saw a substantial number of political jobs taken up by youth. Youthful artists, activists and businessmen ran for political office and having been to the ballot box for these last two elections, my target was for my team to be part of a circle that hang around these politicians, thinking that we were going to be exposed to opportunities.

No artist turned politician in our country has so far come with something different from our veteran politicians when it comes to youth and development and their agendas. This despite the prominent offices they hold. Case in point is the youthful Hon. Sakaja, who is the Senator Nairobi County. Hon Jaguar is a member of parliament for Starehe, the constituency exercising jurisdiction over the Central Business District, while  Babu Owino is the member of Parliament in Embakasi Constituency, an area with a bustling industrial area and an airport as well.

What have they presented to youth? Nobody is running a serious project that concerns the youth and their challenges. Yet they were all entrusted to help in formation of a youthful movement t. The youth also continue to contribute to this disappointing state of affairs by not engaging meaningfully in politics and failing to call their leaders to task.     

There have been many car wash stations funded by politicians who donate public spaces to the public. The majority youths who are non skilled are in a position to team up with real artists to create jobs in support of creative economy instead of tribal war and crime.

Art promotes gathering and has always created a platform for active community members to share their opinion and reactions to the state leadership and other occurrences. It is time to respect and support the existence of creatives in our spaces.


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