Effects Of Covid -19 On Education

By Sally Kivaya.

The government of Kenya announced closure of all educational institutions immediately after the first case of Corona virus was reported. Parents, students, teachers, lectures and other workers in these institutions found this announcement to be convenient at the time since they all feared for the spread of the virus to them and their loved ones.

People across the country began to rush to their villages and home towns, which were considered safe places when compared to Nairobi. Months now after the closure of educational institutions, things are getting worse especially for the learners in the slums and ghettos. Parents say that they are worried about their children’s future especially now that they are not in school and it is not certain when they will be going back to school. A form four student says he feels as though the closure of school is wasting him. He says that some of his friends who are also out of school are also getting wasted, and that some girls have gotten pregnant and the boys are using drugs and involving themselves with criminal gangs.

Some parents also fear that after the pandemic, some of their children may not want to continue with studies since they have gotten comfortable with staying at home and having that freedom. For the students who love reading, they say they have a hard time reading since everyone is home now and that makes it hard for them to concentrate on their books. Others say they cannot continue to read since they do not have adequate learning materials and they do not know where to get them. Teachers are also facing hard times, especially private school teachers who have not been paid since the closure of schools. They say they are having hard times providing for their families. They would like the schools to reopen, in accordance to measures to prevent the spread of Corona virus.

Parents, teachers and all educational stake holders fear that if the pandemic is not controlled and if it continues spreading, may cost students a whole year of their education, the expenses and effort that has been put this year going to waste.

The closure of schools has, seen young girls sexually assaulted; boys murdered both by the mob or by the police on claims of being thieves and a lot of young people are losing hope and engaging in unproductive behaviours.

The online learning platforms are only accessible to the privileged children and this is a disadvantage to most of the underprivileged students who only hope that Corona virus will end soon so they can go back to school and have a better chance at life by getting education.



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