Forced Eviction

By Susan Lumumba

Geoffrey Opiyo Opondo is a resident of Dandora ward 4. Charity Lydia Akinyi is his wife and they are blessed with 3 kids, 1 girl and 2 boys. Juliet Adhiambo 5 years, Joel Ochieng 3 years and Jayden Odhiambo 3 months old. In February 2020 Geoffrey had challenges in paying his rent and he opted to reach out to his agent to inform him that he was going to pay but on a later date which they agreed on a date.

A day before the agreed date of payment came a letter from the chief where Geoffrey was summoned and he obliged by the letter. Two days after the summon he paid his rent arrears which was for both February and march. On April things got tough again due to the Covid 19 pandemic and Geoffrey could not pay his rent again until the 23rd of May where Paul Enos Maina paid him a visit with some guys who claim to be security boys in that area of charity and left a report with his wife that they were looking for him.

On the 24th of May the supposed security guys paid Geoffrey a visit at 7am and ordered him to vacate his house. He requested them to wait a bit so that he can talk to the agent but as he was trying to engage him, these guys went into Geoffrey’s house and started throwing his things out. Being so helpless Geoffrey stood there watching his family being evicted without him being able to do anything.

Two of his neighbors started recording the situation, one was spotted and one of the security boys threatened him that they will be coming back for him once they were done since he was recording the eviction on his phone. Geoffrey proceeded to the chief’s office in Dandora phase 3 where he found the office locked, he then entered the police station which is next to the chief’s office and was asked to report back on 25th Monday that he would be able to access chief’s assistance.

Talking to him, Geoffrey shed tears as he was seeking help since he didn’t know where to take his family to from there and the fact that he had an infant baby was more traumatizing to him. As we speak his family is residing at his brother’ place without any idea of how long they are going to be there.


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