Hope At Last For Children In Mukuru

By Juliah Atieno

The children of Mukuru kwa-Njenga can finally smile at last as they are assured of a plate of rice and beans every once a week. The economic effects of COVID-19 have hit particularly heavy in Mukuru, one of the biggest slums in Kenya. The job opportunities are no longer available therefore it has become very challenging to afford meals, resulting in many children having to survive on empty stomachs. Starvation and malnutrition are an everyday reality here.

Seeing the situation, Amani Lameck decided to come up with a feeding program called Lammy’s Feeding Program in collaboration with Wasamaria, to help these kids get at least one meal a day per once a week. The children gather at Amusha Youth Organization Hall where they get to interact, play and be fed. The program was founded on 10th August,2020 and targets 100 children per serving. The program is run by Lameck with the help of friends.

The friends help in cooking the food, serving and mobilization of the children. Mobilization is also done by the children themselves as they spread the word to their friends and tag them along. The children are only fed once a week due to the limited funds but Lameck is hoping it would be more frequent as the days go by. He is therefore calling for more donations and funds for the program.

Donations like water Jerri cans, large sufurias, mwikos, jikos, plastic plates, hand sanitizers and hand washing soaps are also welcome. Individual donations of ksh 250 or more will also help in purchasing of the food. Your donations will be very much appreciated and will help put a smile on a child’s face.

The children in the area are very happy about the program. In fact, the turn up is often higher than the anticipated number. Some of the community members are also beneficiaries of the feeding program. They are very grateful since they get to be assured that their kids will get a meal once a week and it helps to cut down on costs on their part.


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