Fire Tragedy in Mukuru kwa Njenga

By Lillian Mutheu

It’s around 8pm in the evening people are going on with their usual businesses, suddenly loud  screams engulf the area and a thick dark smoke is seen rising from the households, fear engulfs the  people around they know very well what that means, their belongings or a neighbours or a friends  could be burned to ashes or stolen by thieves in the name of rescuers. Residents run into that  direction with hope of saving whatever they could and stopping the fire from spreading to other  households. It’s alleged that the fire was caused by negligence of a burning candle. 

5 people were injured in the said fire; women and children were taken to the Shofco safe house in  Mukuru kwa Njenga where they could get food and shelter for that day. In this rainy season staying  outside could cause so many complications to the children even the grown-ups hence the shelter for  the vulnerable was received with warm eyes of gratitude. This would mean so much to the people  who are affected as they plan to get back on their feet and continue with their lives as of now this  shelter comes in handy for the women and kids. 

More than 150 households were affected gravely by the fire and most of them recovered little or  nothing from their homes, this meant a fresh start in these uncertain pandemic times, though with a  life the zeal to move on is always stronger than the loss that has been experienced. The things that  were saved from the fire were taken to Wape Wape Zone C for easier identification when the owners  claim them. Community response to disasters like fire has always helped reduce the damage that  could have been caused. The Red Cross volunteers from Mukuru kwa njenga were of great help. Their will power to help is highly commendable. 

As usual the fire brigade came after the fire was long put out. We assume it’s due to lack of proper  roads. As it is now, more sensitization needs to be done. The cases of negligence are far too many  and people need to understand the need of being a neighbor’s keeper. If this happens it affects  most of us. If we are extra cautious then this means that we can reduce the rates of these fires. So  many families have been affected over the years with fire tragedies it’s about time that the residents  have to create awareness and have numerous campaigns to help reduce the fire incidents.


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