Dimming Talent in Dandora

By Davis Otieno

Dandora has only one stadium that is being used by the people of Dandora. The ground was owned by Tom Mboya primary school before it was given to the community of Dandora by the late member of parliament Hon.Were.

The ground is known for hosting major events such as political rallies and producing football players for the Kenya national team the Harambee stars such as Johanna Omollo, Andrew Juma and others who are doing well in Kenya premier league.

Two years ago, the people of Dandora were very happy with the renovation of the ground to a FIFA standards level,the project started very well and it was  supposed to take six months to be completed, but the project stopped when it was almost done.

On 6th October, over 300 concerned residents of Dandora and some football teams did a peaceful demonstration outside the Nairobi county government office to demand the completion of the Dandora Stadium because most of the talent was being lost. The head of the county government gave a duration of two weeks for the completion of the stadium. 

It is now one month and the people of Dandora are still waiting for the two weeks given to them by the county government. The materials that were bought using the taxpayers money are rotting inside the ground. Most of the footballers from Dandora have lost hope in football and they have opted for other businesses, while others have become involved in crime. The county government is still silent.


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