Rising to the Call

Anami Daudi alias Ture was born and raised in Mukuru kwa Njenga slums in Nairobi county. He is a
renowned youth leader, community organizer and a social justice activist. Being the co-founder of
Mukuru Community Justice Centre, a social movement that addresses injustices within our
community, he has been on the frontline to ensure that human rights and socio-economic rights are

Being a young man in a country full of injustices and corruption, he has been a voice of the masses, condemning injustices whenever seen and educating the masses about their human rights and standing up for them.
He has been organizing and advocating for the provision of clean, safe and adequate quantities of
water, right to food, right to health care and right to life.

As there has always been a gap in the dissemination of information regarding constitutionalism and protection of human rights, he has identified several issues like crime, youth involvement in governance and leadership, social
injustices, waste management, poor infrastructure, political education and social accountability and has triggered conversation around these areas with other peers.

The first community based organisation was Mukuru Integrated Solid Waste Management to address environmental
justice; and Mukuru Community Justice Centre to monitor and document human rights violations and walk
with victims and survivors of these violations.

Ture is inspired by his life experiences in the slum area which have given him strength, courage, zeal and passion. He  believes that through mentorship and creating a safe space for community members and young people, they can articulate issues affecting them and come up with viable solutions.

He inpires young people to better their lives through hard work and consistency, thus
transforming their lives one step at time.

He has been urging community members that social changes are a possibility in the society and is a mentor to young people that are envisioning for a better mukuru and country at large.

Ture hopes for young people to have a platform for media engagement as he believes that with media they can reach a large audience and hence organize, educate and liberate and create influence that will call the duty
bearers to action. He encourages youth to have good leadership and communication skills
which promote community growth in terms of people expressing themselves and articulating their

As a result of his work in the community, Ture has managed to scoop a number of awards. In
2019, he was the You lead ambassador and  in 2020 he won the popular vote for the Human Right
Defender of the year, which was greatly applauded by the residents of Mukuru kwa Njenga.

As he always, believes in a just community where all are dignified by their rights.


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