Photography for Social Change

By Davis Otieno 

Spartan Photography is a conceptual photography house started in 2015 by a creative group of artists who use photography to tell stories that affect their communities socially, economically and politically. It began from humble beginnings, with the group of friends taking pictures using their mobile phones at Karura forest and posting on their social media accounts. They would sometimes change locations and go to Railways, City Park, Arboretum and some parts of Eastlands. 

They hyped their group on social media and people began to take notice. As their likes and following grew, they had to strategize on their growth and mobilized funds which they used to upgrade from phone to DSLR camera. Consequently, their shoots also became more professional.

They began to do personal photoshoots with people around them as well as with people outside their areas for about three years until 2018 when they decided to also start doing their own projects, where they would use photography as a tool for storytelling, especially around social Issues.

These projects not only saw them get more popular and land television interviews, but also saw them bag international awards. The fact that their work has inspired many in their community, on the national level and internationally as well gives them the drive and desire to keep doing photography that speaks to the issues that they face on a daily basis and bring stories of their community to life.  


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