Community Membership

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A PAWA254 community member is a creator/artist/activist who uses their artwork/creativity for positive social change.

A community member has a chance to gain skills and network in their field through trainings, workshops and events; has access to knowledge resources; and be part of a community of like-minded people purposed to use bold, artistic expression to both empower themselves and the wider society economically and creatively, thus contributing to the shaping of our community’s socio-economic and political landscape.

Artists include – poets, graffiti artists, dancers, content creators, bloggers, writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, filmmakers, cartoonists, photographers, illustrators, animators, designers, playwrights, producers.

Activists include – grassroots/emerging, established, social media influencers, community mobilizers, volunteers.

  • Be actively involved or interested in social change.
  • Have a profile or a portfolio of work.
  • Make a registration fee as a sign of commitment.
  • Accept to be added to our database and receive regular communication.
  • Accept our PAWA 254 Membership Terms and Conditions.
  • Be willing to contribute some of his/her time for PAWA 254 social change projects.
  • Attend and participate in the Monthly (or bi-monthly) community forums.
  • Participate by active contribution in the bi-monthly community intervention.
  1. Registration / sign up with profile on the website.
  2. Payment of an annual registration (commitment) fee of KES 1,000.
  3. Receive a PAWA 254 identity card for space access.

The membership types available are:

  1. Ubuntu Membership
  2. Premium Membership
  3. Daily Membership

Get more information on them here.

Membership Perks

Hub Access

Library, Rooftop Garden, Co-working space, Mageuzi Theatre
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Meet like-minded creators, activists and artists


Tea/coffee brewed daily.
Refrigirator, microwave, water dispenser and utencils available for members' use.


Solid internet connection that ensures you stay in 'the zone' when working


50% off on garden events
30% off on theatre use for up to 2 hours
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Premium members get their own dedicated working desk space, a storage locker and access to meeting areas on booking availability.


We'd be happy to welcome you to the family.