Community Membership

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A PAWA254 community member is a creator/artist/activist who uses their artwork/creativity for positive social change.

A community member has a chance to gain skills and network in their field through trainings, workshops and events; has access to knowledge resources; and be part of a community of like-minded people purposed to use bold, artistic expression to both empower themselves and the wider society economically and creatively, thus contributing to the shaping of our community’s socio-economic and political landscape.

Artists include – poets, graffiti artists, dancers, content creators, bloggers, writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, filmmakers, cartoonists, photographers, illustrators, animators, designers, playwrights, producers, podcasters.

Activists include – grassroots/emerging, established, social media influencers, community mobilizers, volunteers.

  • Be actively involved or interested in social change.
  • Have a profile or a portfolio of work.
  • Make a registration fee as a sign of commitment.
  • Accept to be added to our database and receive regular communication.
  • Accept our PAWA 254 Membership Terms and Conditions.
  • Be willing to contribute some of his/her time for PAWA 254 social change projects.
  • Attend and participate actively in the Monthly (or bi-monthly) community forums.
  1. Registration / sign up here. (
  2. Payment of an annual registration (commitment) fee of KES 1,000.
  3. Receive a PAWA 254 identity card for space access.

The membership types available are:

  1. Ubuntu Membership
  2. Daily Membership

Get more information on them here.

Membership Perks


Meet like-minded creators, activists and artists


Tea/coffee brewed daily.

Refrigirator, microwave, water dispenser and utencils available for members’ use.


Solid internet connection that ensures you stay in ‘the zone’ when working




We’d be happy to welcome you to the family.

Yes, please!