Pawa Radio

Pawa Radio is an online medium that seeks to offer a platform for the dissemination of audio works produced by PAWA254 and community members through providing creatives an opportunity to share and amplify their creative pieces nationally, regionally and globally. The concept seeks to provide a platform for artists to showcase, educate, nurture, empower, communicate and entertain using art as a tool for social change.



Radio Shows

Mziki Asili

Mziki Azili Show is a curated radio experience targeting lovers of Kenyan culture and contemporary music, including both local and international listeners interested in exploring underrepresented Kenyan sounds.

Afri Pop Show

The Afripop show is an Afrocentric evening music and talk show that focuses its conversations on events, issues, ideas, and personalities making headlines in African pop culture.

She Talks

The idea behind this podcast is to discuss different issues that affect womxn and how governance and policy can/should play a role in those issues. The topics of conversation will vary from issues affecting womxn in the workplace, walking down the street, schools and even home life. We will not only open the floor for discussing the issues but also offer solutions where possible.