Kenya is still considered a “young” nation, in comparison to others. Unfortunately, many Kenyan adults, in spite of their age, display a ‘diaper mentality’. They seem unable or unwilling to take charge of their lives, or act responsibly, hence the title, ‘Diaper Mentality’ as diapers come in handy, and shields them from making embarrassing displays.

The project aimed to provide a mirror reflection of the bad habits often done by both the public and those in leadership in spite of 50 years post-independence.  It creatively sought to do this visually via video and photography by recruiting a talented cast and production crew. The overall objective was to increase awareness of the need for responsible and accountable citizenship.

The specific objectives:

  1. To demonstrate ‘diaper mentality’ behaviors present in the society through visual arts
  2. To showcase the alternative, good practices and higher standards
  3. To empower the citizenry to demand for better from themselves and their leaders by holding each other accountable.

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