The Heroism and Courage Project is an advocacy project that uses innovative and bold approaches to catalyze public interest and action in governance to ensure public transparency and accountability, defeat of the culture of impunity and the rampant abuse of human rights in Kenya. The project aims at inspiring large-scale civic consciousness and engagement among Kenyan youth in governance issues using the stories and examples of Kenya’s heroes and heroines as a primer. The Heroism & Courage project uses the following strategies to arouse public interest and ensure continuous discourse on Kenya’s socio economic and political issues.


  1. Photo Exhibition of Kenya’s past and present heroines in public spaces in major cities and in colleges and universities and using the exhibition to drive discussions on the prevailing socio economic and political situation of the nation and how citizens can play an active role in their governance.
  2. Hosting public forums in select colleges and universities where renowned speakers have an opportunity to address the youth and staff in a town hall kind of setting and have an opportunity to debate on various issues such as nationalism, human rights, leadership and governance among other topics relevant in Kenya’s national discourse.
  3. Publication and disseminating of the Courage Magazine to various youth stakeholders; The magazine is a collection of stories of inspiring Kenyans past and present who have in their own small ways contributed to Kenya’s development.


Through these actions, the project hopes to make a contribution towards the struggle for Kenya’s social and political transformation using the power of autobiography, images, storytelling, vision building and practical social action – all cast in a background of real life examples.

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