Our Focus Area

In line with advancing social justice and accountable governance, PAWA254’s Strategic Plan 2023–2027 focuses on five priority areas: Artivism, Youth Empowerment, Governance and Human Rights, Institutional Capacity, Knowledge Management, and Expanding and Deepening Partnerships


Artivism and Youth Empowement

As an arts focused organisation invested in issues of social justice, PAWA254 works with artists to continually develop and disseminate active art, whether performing or visual. The objective of this approach is to conscientize the public, and spark citizen engagement in the governance space through PAWA254’s flagship artivism program. This strategic priority seeks to establish artivism as a pillar programme for social and economic empowerment of youth through talent development, training, incubation, and engagement for good governance.

Youth empowerment as a theme is embedded within Artivism. PAWA seeks to popularise and entrench artivism as an avenue through which youth may utilise their skills to earn a living, and contribute towards social transformation.

Governance and Human Rights

Despite the Constitution of Kenya 2010 being hailed as one of the most progressive systems of laws and rules globally, good governance in the country has remained elusive. This is underscored by deepening disunity among different communities, the widening gap between the rich and the poor, endemic corruption, and other social injustices. Governance concerns continue to grow with concerted attempts by those in positions of power to shrink democratic space through blatant violation of human rights, and perpetuation of social injustices.

Through this priority area, PAWA254 aims to develop a vibrant and effective advocacy campaign that leverages citizen driven governance with a focus on social justice, and human rights. 

Institutional Capacity

As part of making an impactful contribution to the agenda of social and economic prosperity to creatives and youth, PAWA254 endeavours to continually enhance its institutional capacity in order to meet its organisational and technical requirements for effective fulfilment of its strategic goals.

This priority area focuses on building the innate capability of adapting to change and transform effectively when necessary. PAWA254’s leadership and management ensure the Processes for institutional strengthening are assuring and inspiring.

Knowledge Management

PAWA254 seeks a progressive regional reach to make it a hub of excellence for artivism in East Africa, and eventually the whole of Africa. As such, knowledge management is a key resource for PAWA to achieve this goal. In this priority area, PAWA bases its knowledge management on two aspects; information management and people management.

Knowledge management involves the identification and mapping of intellectual assets within PAWA254, and technological infrastructure utilised towards maintaining the knowledge management systems at the organisation in order to be effective.

Expanding Partnerships

Since its inception, PAWA254 has worked closely with community groups and like-minded Civil society organisations (CSOs) championing good governance and human rights while advocating for accountability in the utilisation of public resources.

PAWA understands that the best approach for creating meaningful impact can be actualized through collaboration and strong partnerships, thus leveraging PAWA254’s robust engagement on public policy and governance.